Jack Ferguson Associates (JFA) has worked on issues and legislation under the jurisdiction of the Senate Committee on Energy & Natural Resources and the House Committee on Natural Resources for more than 30 years. In this time JFA has forged strong relationships with both the members and staff of these committees; relationships that are key to advancing legislation related to oil & gas development, outer continental shelf (OCS) leasing plans, mining and minerals, federal lands policy, national parks, timber and forest products, and Alaska Native corporations.


Alaska is well represented on these committees in senior positions.  Alaska Senator Lisa Murkowski serves as the Ranking Member (top Republican) on the E&NR Committee.  In this position she works with the chairman, Senator Ron Wyden of Oregon, to determine the committee’s agenda and to ensure that the minority is able to present its views during committee hearings and deliberations.  Alaska Congressman Don Young—a past chairman of House Natural Resources—chairs the committee’s Indian & Alaska Native Affairs Subcommittee in the 113th Congress.

*Image courtesy of Damian Gadal.